Coal, gas, and oil are generally recognized as fossil fuel because they are made from the remains of both plants and animals. How can such fossil fuels form, and why is it that these are limited? Continue to read this article to know some of the significant points about fossil fuels.

1. Coal - studies have shown that 30% of the world's energy demands are met by coal. But, these estimates constantly change through time according to the ever-changing supply and demand in the energy market. Whenever coal has been burnt, it would release sulphur dioxide which contributes to the formation of acid rain. This could be best avoided by means of using the "flue gas desulphurization". This procedure would clean out these gases before they are actually release in the environment. In such method, lime stones are generally used and its by-product is the gypsum, which is also utilized in the construction industry. This procedure typically uses a lot of lime stones. 

2. Crude oil or oil - the crude oil is widely known as the famous petroleum which is surely one of the highly demanded fossil fuel. It is used around the world and is taken out from the crust of the earth with different methods of drilling. Also, it should be noted that it is a lot easier to dig crude oil in contrast to the coal primarily because it would just directly flow into the pipe lines. Moreover, it is a lot more inexpensive to transport from a certain place to the other. Because of these given factors, crude oil investing normally has greater return of investment in contrast to the coal.

3. Natural gas - the natural gas provides about 25% of the world's energy consumption. It could be burned in different power stations and is utilized in houses for cooking. The natural gas power stations make a very minimal amount of pollutions and it is a lot easier to transport if pipes are used. Read more at

The advantages of fossil fuels are: fossil fuels could generate a great amount of energy or power in a certain place with the aid of coal which is a lot cheaper in contrast to the other forms of fossil fuel. Moreover, fossil fuels are very easy to transport to various power stations. Also, the gas-based power stations are very efficient in generating power. Lastly, fossil fuels power stations can be built with ease in different locations as long as there is a great abundance of fossil fuels. Visit this site for more:
General Knowledge about Fossil Fuels